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These listings are organized by type of waterfront property, in descending price order. Many of these listings are not found on Maine’s MLS, or any other listing service.

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NOTE: This is just a small selection of available properties we have chosen to whet your appetite. To search for other listings in other areas and price ranges, just click on Waterfront Property Search. We will send you all the listings that meet your specific criteria, plus our pamphlet “Ten Important Tips You Should Know Before Buying Waterfront Property in Maine.”

Wheeler Bay Contemporay

$ 324,900

Town : Spruce Head
MLS# : MLS#1413903
location : Wheeler Bay
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East Grand Lake Cottages

$ 299,999

Town : Orient
MLS# : MLS#120115
location : East Grand Lake
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Milbridge Bold Oceanfront

$ 295,000

Town : Milbridge
MLS# : MLS#120115
location : Atlantic Ocean
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Seven Tree Pond

$ 289,500

Town : Union
MLS# : MLS#1479512
location : Seven Tree Pond
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Vinalhavens Old Harbor Pond

$ 260,000

Town : Vinalhaven
MLS# : MLS#1239359
location : Old Harbor Pond
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Whitten Parritt Forest

$ 254,000

Town : Steuben
MLS# : MLS#1283501
location : Whitten Parritt Steam
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Chemo Pond

$ 225,000

Town : Clifton
MLS# : MLS#WP 150001
location : Chemo Pond
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Passamaquoddy Bay

$ 198,000

Town : Robbinston
MLS# : MLS#120115
location : Passamaquoddy Bay
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Milbridge Bold Oceanfront

$ 195,000

Town : Milbridge
MLS# : MLS#120115
location : Pigeon Hill Bay
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Bar Harbor Area

$ 178,000

Town : Gouldsboro
MLS# : MLS#120115
location : West Bay
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